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Adviser believes that corporate responsibility is a hallmark of quality and has the potential to produce positive investment results. As such, Adviser has developed a responsible investment policy designed to allow investors to put their money into investments that follow our first principles and ESG criteria principles of responsible investing. The Fund seeks investment opportunities in companies that align with our ESG industry screen and are secondarily informed by our ESG responsibility screen. Finally, we look at companies through a sustainability thematic focus. This is a discretionary part of investment selection, as not all companies provide “sustainable solutions.”


Each investment decision is further evaluated against a set of sustainability themes that are used to identify the social and sustainability utility of each investment. Not every investment will have a sustainability theme; however, sustainability themes can influence the investment decision process when competing opportunities exist. The current list of sustainability themes include:

Access to Information – allows populations who are underserved or who have disabilities with the ability to participate in the free flowing of information through new technologies, commitments to financing, and education.

Capacity Building – commitment to developing new technologies and innovative services through capital investment.

Energy & Climate Impact – proactive programs and investment in energy reduction and climate impact products and services such as electric transportation, recycling, virtual meetings, etc.

Food & Nutrition – provides populations with access to humanely processed proteins and non-chemical vegetation. Also includes education around proper nutrition and providing meals to populations who do not receive adequate nutrition.

Health – services and technology to improve the health of the US population including rehabilitation, pharmaceuticals, mental health, elderly care, etc.

Infrastructure – capital investment in infrastructure resulting improved movement of populations, efficient modes of transportation, and development of impoverished rural areas.

Responsible Consumption & Production – responsible development and consumption that results in the reduced impact to natural resources and responsibly reduces waste generation.

Responsible Finance – provides financing opportunities to populations that have historically not had access to loans and investments. This theme also includes responsible finance by sponsors to invest in middle market companies that support other sustainability themes.

Water & Sanitation – includes active measures to reduce water usage, clean wastewater disposition, and providing sanitation services or technology that results in healthier living environments for populations within the investment’s geographies.